Thursday, November 29, 2007

MIT's new bike - Park it under your desk

mit scooter

Remember, there was forward mail circulating and flooding mailboxes of many of us some time back. It a sexy woman with chic and next generation cloths riding a car that can be folded to the shape of a mobile phone and carried in her small bag. No issues of parking or no question of giving the traffic police a chance to loot you by parking at a non-parking area. No more costly valet parking as well.

Now, this one is not exactly the same thing but I think it definitely is a step towards a more portable world. It is not hyperbolic but this scooter designed by a group at MIT can be folded to the size of a suitcase and can be carried with you wherever you go. If you go shopping, how about leaving it at the security corner? Or, tuck it under the workstation when you go to your office. No more expensive rental cars when you go on a tour, you can easily carry in the bus or train you travel.

Further, for the environmentalists, this electronic bike won’t hurt our ears or release harmful gases to cause global warming and health issues and still be a useful medium of transport.

William J. Mitchell, a smart MITian, from the Smart Cities Group, showcased a prototype of the bike at the famous Milan Auto Show (a precise example of globalization). If this group’s vision comes to happen, then the most affordable and easiest means of transportation will be available in racks at train stations and at any goods store.

There are two motors placed inside its wheels and will have 150 parts with comparison to other bike which have almost 1500 parts. Good thing for the manufacturers also. These bikes can be taken of the rack by a simple credit card swipe. The rack also would work as charging stations. The trendy, light and low-cost foldable bike can be pulled or pushed as any trolley suitcase.


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